Wayne White Volume One

If you have a big ego and are competitive with other artists, you are probably going to get your feelings hurt if you are drawing next to Wayne White. He is an awesome scribbler, draughtsman, likeness shaper, mood indicator, making-it-finished-looking-while-improvising-it, layer of space, matcher of tonality and hue guy, tangler of deep organized  line nets, man handler of oil and acrylic media, cruncher of space into cubism, model maker on any scale, C&W historian, full to the brim of cultural tropes and styles, colorist supreme, a natural entertainer, a withdrawn self analyzer, able to shoot straight stoned to the dills, rapid banjo player, instant beard grower, unmatched in the eyelash department and other deeply engrained weapons of the pencil and arts in general.  

So you need to just dig your own stuff and not worry about it. It is not a race. But it is hard to not admire the gifted and invested hand and mind. And that won’t hurt you.